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“Guiding Echoes” is one of my favorite channels. Her videos are always very informative and inspiring.

Here she shares methods on how you can connect to source. My favorite is #3.

I love how she’s down to earth and I feel she’s speaking directly to me.

So much great inspiration in this video.


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How Do You Channel Your Higher Self?

This sounds amazing and I can’t wait to try it.

“Our Waking Soul” explains how you can channel your higher self and get guidance through writing.

I know that there a many ways we can try to connect with spirit. For me it’s fun to try them and see which ones resonate with me the most. This 4 step method seems simple and easy to understand. Sounds like a great way to connect and get answers.

What I love about it is that all you need is a paper and a pen, nothing fancy or complicated.

There are many more wonderful videos posted in this channel. Make sure you check them out!

Enjoy and Happy Connecting!

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Your Spirit Guides Want To Help You

Ever wonder how on earth are we supposed to get guidance when we don’t plainly hear or see anything from our spirit guides?

I used to all the time!

Alicia in this video touches on how we can become aware of the answers to our questions. With intention and practice we can learn how to receive guidance.

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, or sudden images you get in your head.

It’s all communication.

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Are You Getting Signs?

In this YouTube pick Víctor Oddo talks about signs we may get from our spirit guides. It can be very subtle and very easy to miss.

When I ran across this video, it was a huge synchronicity. I had just started noticing the little nudges I was getting on my arms and sometimes my legs. It was no coincidence I found this information. It was meant to be and it validated the signs I was getting.

If you are experiencing the same thing, it may be your sign. This information is such a gift and I’m so happy I found it when I did. I hope this helps you have an Aha! Moment.

Victor talks about other signs you may get from your spirit guides. So worth listening to because even if you don’t get the signs he talks about, it may make you aware of a sign or signs you’ve been getting all along that you thought were “all in your head.”

Enjoy this video!

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Life Purpose

How do you shine your light? How do you radiate love?

Alicia Power talks about three core life purposes. Connecting with your soul, contributing, and radiating love.

To me, if you follow your passion, do what brings you joy, and do what you love, is doing a huge contribution to yourself and others. It can be anything from bird watching to drawing or skiing. Doing what you love is connecting with your soul. I see it as a form of meditation. No other better way to fulfill a life purpose. Just being yourself and shining your light is all you need to do. Being you radiates love and allows others to see it and feel it.

This video is great because it explains how simple your life purposes are. It really touches your heart.

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“You are God”- Dr. Wayne Dyer

So much is said in this video….I can’t even begin to explain. I love listening to Dr. Wayne Dyer because he explains everything so well and he gives examples of his own life experiences to paint a picture. This is a very strong message of how powerful and infinite we all are. You are pure love.

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Think you’re not manifesting? Watch this video now. There are signs everywhere that you are a great creator of your reality. Listen to what Ralph says and remember your power!

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